Hardwood Floor Refinishing Orange County, CA

If you’re looking for the best hardwood floor refinishing Orange County CA has to offer, look no further! The team at Fabulous Floors Orange County have the experience and expertise needed to bring back the beauty of your wood floor. Read on to discover how our innovative process works!

Bring Back The Beauty Of Your Hardwood Floors in Orange County

hardwood floor refinishing orange countyHow long has it been since you’ve given your hardwood floors in Orange County some extra attention? Fabulous Floors Orange County is eager to show you the difference our easy hardwood refinishing service can make on the floors in your home. We’ve streamlined our service to take under two days, and most projects are finished in just one. Another quality that sets us apart from other hardwood flooring companies in the Orange County area is our dedication to providing high value and continual education for our employees. We’re always training our staff in the best customer service practices as well as our signature hardwood refinishing process to ensure that your entire experience with Fabulous Floors Orange County is a perfect one, from start to finish. Get in touch today to find out more details!

Learn about our hardwood floor refinishing service:

The first step you can expect as part of our hardwood refinishing service in Orange County is a walk through by our technicians to evaluate the floor and decide where the heavy duty, but gentle sanding equipment can be used and where we should sand by hand to ensure a smooth a surface. As we lightly sand your floors, we’re removing any dings or scratches that may have occurred over time, restoring your hardwood floors to a like-new state. Next, we’ll apply a stain color of your choice. We have a wide variety of stain colors to ensure that you will easily find something that you love to match your current taste. If you don’t want a complete color change, we can match a stain to your existing floor color. Finally, after the stain has dried, we’ll apply a coat of polyurethane to your floors to provide that beautiful gleam that everyone wants for their hardwood floors. This polyurethane finish will also act as a buffer, a little extra protection against future wear on your beautiful renewed hardwood floors.

Our hardwood refinishing service in Orange County is eco-friendly and safe for your home and family. After all, we live in Orange County too, so we’re dedicated to bringing only the healthiest of products and processes to the area. Get a free price quote in Orange County today! Bring back the beauty of your hardwood floors.

Wood Floor Refinishing Orange County Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Orange County, CA

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